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Bentley Chiropractic Wellness Center, your Rock Hill SC chiropractic clinic, is proud to offer a comprehensive 60-day weight loss plan that delivers substantial results!

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True Weight Solutions is Doctor based dietary and behavioral guidance combined with the TWS formula. It works to burn fat, suppress hunger, eliminate cravings, establish new "set points" for BMI and BMR, and create new behavioral/dietary habits.

It may be hard to believe, but many True Weight Solutions Program™ patients lose 20-40 pounds of Pure Fat in as little as 60 days. The True Weight Solutions Program™ doesn't discriminate if you're male or female, young or old. This doctor-formulated program has been tested on thousands of patients and it has been found that as long as you follow the program, you will definitely lose weight without the need for excessive exercise, eating expensive prepackaged foods, or feeling hungry. The True Weight Solutions Program ™ uses a very specific combination of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, and superfoods. This specific formula used with a low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory diet will dramatically improve health, well being, and help you lose weight safely.


It all starts with an Initial Consultation that includes health history, height, weight, 8 point body measurements, counseling, Q&A sessions, BMI calculation, and review of the instruction manual. Following your consultation, you will be given your TWS kit including a comprehensive manual, recipes, weight and food log, and your 60 day supply of TWS formula designed to support the body by helping with detox, muscle protection, hunger/craving suppression, blood sugar stabilization, amino acids, vitamin B12.

It doesn't end there, we also provide you with 9 weekly follow up office visits that include weight, 8 point body measurements and counseling as well as unlimited phone support for any questions, concerns, guidance or motivation you may have or need at any time.

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