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Bentley Chiropractic Wellness Center, your Rock Hill chiropractic clinic, is proud to offer the latest in healthy, rapid fat loss: the Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis (NLAL™). NLAL™ is the safe and simple evolution of standard liposuction. It is Advanced Slimming Technology for noninvasive body contouring that Delivers Immediate Results!

What is Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis in Rock Hill?

Light therapy is not a new concept. It's been used diversely in the treatment of chronic pain, hair growth and wound healing, for example. The expanded concept is using light to target fat cells. After adipose cells are exposed to a specific wavelength, up to 90% of the fat is released through a "pore" in the cell membrane. These free fatty acids and triglycerides are now used as energy during the exercise routine. The result? Simply put: inch loss. Impressive spot reduction anywhere on the body including arms, back, bra bulge, saddlebags, thighs, abdomen, even the breasts - anywhere there are excessive, unwanted fat deposits. Additionally, because the targeted cells remain stationary but shrunken, if you do gain back some weight it will have the same, natural appearance as prior to treatment. Often, with liposuction, returning weight may present in weird or unnatural places.

Using the power of the latest cold LED Light Therapy, NLAL™ is the natural and healthy way to lose inches specifically targeted on the abdomen, waist, back, hips, thighs, upper legs, arms, and even the chin.

NLAL™ is a method of body contouring improvement with essentially no side effects. The paddles are comfortably applied to the treatment area while the client undertakes a simple 20 minute exercise routine or, if it is more comfortable for the client they can do the exercise immediately after the treatment. As the light therapy triggers the fat cells to release the triglycerides and fatty acids, they are utilized during the exercise process and inch loss is the result. NLAL™ is the only portable light therapy system that affords the client less time spent in treatment, as the therapy and exercise can be done concurrently. Another major advantage is that people who are resistant to weight loss can now get over their plateau by targeting and losing their stubborn fat. Ultimately, the entire process is noninvasive, relaxing, pain free, soothing and affordable.

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